Stock Information REST Service

This service uses Google search to return stock price and details for any stock. This service is provided without any warranty of any kind and may stop working for any reason at any time. This Demo/Test Service has a Public Daily Searches Limit.

Please Visit to download and host the PHP script on your servers in order to allow thousands of searches (according to Google tolerances) for your own application only.

How to use

POST to the the name of the stock you are looking for. I.e. "Microsoft" with variable name search_term. The service will return a REST response in case Google returns search results (passing the search_term with GET method is also supported but not recommended) I.e.

{"response":[{"cname":"Microsoft Corporation","tickerSymbol":"MSFT","exchange":"NASDAQ","price":"46.86","priceCurrency":"USD","priceChange":"-0.59","quoteTime":"2015-05-29, 16:06:41Z"}]}

Test the Service

Stock Name: *Response will open in new window.